The almost missing Geocoder PHP library!

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Geocoder is a library which helps you build geo-aware applications. It provides an abstraction layer for geocoding manipulations, as well as a powerful API.

Geocoder supports a lot of third-party services such as: FreeGeoIp, HostIp, IpInfoDB, Google Maps, Google Maps for Business, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Geoip, MapQuest, OIORest,,, IGN OpenLS, DataScienceToolkit, Yandex, GeoPlugin, GeoIPs, MaxMind web service, MaxMind binary file, Geonames, IpGeoBase, Baidu, TomTom, and ArcGIS Online.


Here are the links to the official and complete documentation pages:


In this cookbook, you will find specific solutions for specific needs.


Geocoder and its related projects are released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file in each project for details.

Geocoder ECG (Build Status)

Geocoder is heavily unit tested. We use Travis-CI to automatically build our projects, and here are the statuses:

Geocoder GeocoderBundle (Symfony2) GeocoderModule (ZF2) GeocodableBehavior (Propel)
GeocoderJS StackGeoIp (Stack) Geocoder for Silex Geocoder for Laravel